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Scientism Analysis - The Scientism Mind Virus

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Scientism Mind Virus
(Analysis of the Pitfalls of Brain Imbalanced Scientism)

"Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments,
and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually
build a structure which has no relation to reality.[4]"
~Nikola Tesla

Pseudo-skepticism aka The Perma-Skeptic

• For the pseudo-skeptic esoteric truth is rejected because an unimaginative public science community hasn't proven it (yet)
• What the black operations like most is when a pseudo-skeptic launches a crusade against "conspiracy theories" (e.g. Mick West with,, or the couple that does
• Mainstream media is believed in gullible fashion while alternative truths are shunned
• The perma-skeptic is unable to apply discernment or weigh evidence, this is why they almost solely rely on proof
• The perma-skeptic is always asking for proof, what they don't realize is that proof negates discernment. I guess what needing proof to figure out something shows, is a lack of critical thinking ability
• The pseudo-skeptic seeks to taint the image of a perspective by only focusing on the worst points of the opposition, and ignores all credible opposition
• The pseudo-skeptic is eternally programmable via electromagnetic mind control based PSYOPS[3]
• Denial of just about all deeper truth; a perma-skeptic's belief system is lame compared to reality
• UFOlogy is one particularly attacked category with the pseudo-skeptic (I am not saying UFOlogy is a pristine field of information, it isn't)
• Perma-skeptics are more or less just as delusional about reality as any demographic
• A pseudo-skeptic has an inability to connect dots, strong programmings of belief can blind someone to dot connecting the truth via several events
• Pseudo-skeptics like to pose as experts, only to deny everything and poison open minded social constructs
• Closed minded materialism is a tenet of this belief system
• Scientific dogmas impede scientific progress, how can you discover something if you are too closed minded to consider it possible
• Painting of Atheism as the irrational mainstream model of scientism. Atheism is simply the disbelief in God or in other words a belief that gods in any form are non-existent. Many people think atheism is the scientism belief system, which is incorrect.
• Black project science that is making it's way into the public domain is ridiculed by disinformation assets[5]
• Perma-skeptic scientists are not bright enough to work in black projects, thus they are used as societal engineering pawns poisoning people's sense of reality with endless pseudo-expert analysis
• Pseudo-rationalism framed as higher thinking, absurd lack of open mindedness
• An opposite binary of the perma-skeptic is the credophile[1], both have a tendency to overestimate their effectiveness at diagnosing reality
• The scientific discovery of the soul and/or extraterrestrial lifeforms will shock the pseudo-skeptic, then they can go cover up all the nonsensical derision they have posted over the years about how neither exist
• The pseudo-skeptic is left brain dominant and left brain imbalanced
• Pompous know it all attitude mixed with outrageous closed mindedness is one scientism archetype
• Endless pontification about how nothing beyond their sense of reality exists, until it's undeniable
• There are many highly effective psychological operations directed at the scientific crowds or specifically the pseudo-skeptic, predictive programming is highly effective against the perma-skeptic demographic
• CIA psychological operations (PSYOPS) can pretty much always fool a pseudo-skeptic, the perma-skeptic demographic is easily herded by covert shadow government perception management due to the fact that it is beyond their mind complex's comprehension
• A pseudo-skeptic only seeks to re-enforce their own views, and has their own version of blasphemy (the esoteric truth)
• The inevitable destruction of the skeptic is in this planet's future, ironically it could be science that destroys this ideology eventually


Occam's Razor

Occam’s razor is often parroted by the pseudo-skeptic, what they fail miserably at is detecting that their version of occam’s razor is an obsolete method for judging all things. It is guaranteed that some aspects of reality are complex, and thus using a model to find out reality that only focuses on the simple will have a tendency to bring simple truths to the perceiver. The following quote by a Department of Defense whistleblower from the book ‘The Matrix Deciphered’ elaborates on how those who religiously follow occam’s razor are ripe to be manipulated by sources who have mastered the art of predictive programming.

“We naturally use a philosophy of “Occam’s Razor” which states that the simplest
explanation is usually the best. So to make someone sound paranoid, all you have to do is
come up with a sufficiently complex plan of harassment and the majority of people’s
disbelief of that event will be sufficient not to act or care about it. If you study the
psychology of people like psychological operations and the CIA do, you can predict with
a certain degree of accuracy what that person will believe given certain facts.”
Department of Defense Whistleblower, From the Out of Print Book; The Matrix Deciphered

Occam's razor is the last resort of scoundrels in debate. It is a fatal flaw the perma-skeptic makes in blanket labeling all unexplainable phenomena with government friendly faux-debunking. That being said the perma-skeptic does have some things quite right, in a dead clock is right two times a day sort of way.


Evidence Versus Proof

Many pseudo-skeptics exhibit they do not understand what evidence and proof really are. Proof is 100% verification. In other words something known to be true as a fact often based on observation. Evidence is something that leads to a conclusion. Often something gathered cumulatively to argue that something objectively happened that at the time cannot be proven. There can be evidence leading to false conclusions just as there can be evidence leading to the truth.

One of the most common things I hear a pseudo-skeptic say is 'There is no evidence of a certain subject being real'. The common pseudo-skeptic arrogance of blanket labeling a field of information they clearly haven't researched well as having 'no evidence' is absurd behavior. These people argue that subjects with millions of google hits, hundreds or thousands of witnesses, government declassified documents, even scientific experiments in peer reviewed journals that confirm it are all frivolous evidence.

Testimony is in fact evidence. One of the last resorts of the perma-skeptic in debate, is that testimony is not evidence. Kind of like Sharia Law and it's 4 witnesses to rape rule, the pseudo-skeptic culture marginalizes first hand testimony in favor of a taste for rejection of all outstanding testimony. It is a big planet, 7+ billion people. Some of them are bound to have sensational and true stories. This is when sources like the CIA sick an army of scoundrel perma-skeptics to discredit a story that threatens their secrecy. The perma-skeptic is about as useful of a shill as anyone assisting the shadow government's goals.



The pseudo-skeptic likes to think he is the sharpest tool in the box citing their main opposition conspiracy believers as credophiles, the reality is they are willing to assume in their own direction of bias with zero tangible evidence or proof and this categorizes them as some version of credophiles themselves. They serially accept disbelief of just about anything sensational or conspiratorial in the world without any evidence or proof, much like their counter parts and intellectual equivalents in conspiracy believing demographics assume just about any conspiracy information is true.


Evil Science Concoctions

Left brain dominance could be a typical psychopath mind model, this is evidenced by all the horrific science experiments throughout history which have utterly and completely lacked any empathy or moral insight. For example Nazi concentration camps and similar scenarios have resulted in experimentatation subjects, this turned into the CIA's mind control brainchild Project mkultra[7]. Modern day frequency experimentation & sabotage with electromagnetic weaponry has turned the home into the concentration camp[6]. Those who head intelligence agencies and militaries are assaulting innocent people worldwide with the products of Nazi black project science. While using scientism as a methodology to conceal their actions.


This article will be further updated as I pick my mind about this subject.

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